Life Surfing

Have you ever watched surfers on their boards? Floating elegantly on the highest waves as they rush to the shore? 

You can do the same with your life.

The attitude of a life surfer is full concentration on what you are doing right now. Full mental power for every little step you take and every large project that you are leading. Call it Zen meditation or Life Surfing - the effect is the same.


I like 'Life Surfing' better than the classical word 'meditation', as the latter implicates things like humming monks or long hours of sitting and watching walls. Nothing against that. It is perfectly alright for those who seek enlightenment this way. Congratulations, if they find it!


You, however, as one of today's busy people rushing around with laptops and smartphones, being challenged by thousands of things every day, might find it easier - like I do - to get the idea of Life Surfing, as it implicates action and - yes - fun!


What's the thing about it? Imagine a surfer getting on his board (or her, of course ;-) ). The first meters in the water will be a bit rough until he finds a steady position on his board and gets into the flow. But then, he seems to become one with his surroundings: If the tide is high, he will fly high into the air, playing around with his board and being faster than everything around on his way to the shore. If the tide is low, his way will be much slower as well. Things may seem a bit boring but still he is on his board. When you watch a brilliant surfer, he seems completely absorbed in his surfing. There is no time and no chance for anything else to think and care about. If he did, the next wave would crush him down. So he rides with full-speed attention. And it seems effortless and elegant. Yet, we know there is a lot of training behind: gaining muscles, choosing the right board, considering the weather conditions, eating healthy stuff to remain fit, taking a good night's sleep before the ride - and waiting for the tide to come.


What does this mean for you? If you want to become an elegant and seemingly effortless surfer on life's big waves rushing back and forth, you first of all need the wish to do so. Without the strong will to be a good life surfer, you can just quit reading here and go back to sleep or to your fears and uncertainties and immerse completely in them. The waves won't care. If you, however, choose to surf and not only surf but surf brilliantly, start right now. Remember the basic preparations: Sleep well. Eat well but not too much. Train your body and mind. Look forward to your ride on the biggest waves and feel that you can do this. Start with some smaller waves first. It is okay to stumble a bit and be insecure. Never mind. Fun comes with doing. And excellence comes with doing it over and over again. Be deeply relaxed and fully concentrated at the same time. Never look back. Don't hesitate. The waves don't care, if you look back or consider other things than surfing. You will land very hard, though, or lose your board or even your life. The waves won't care. They are just the waves. 


If you fall from your board, take a deep breath and climb back on it again. And again. Concentrate on what you're doing with all your heart and all your mind. There is nothing more to do. No history to reflect. No future to be considered. No fears of atomic bombs falling from the sky or your being old and crippled one day. Just ride. Now. Ride. Breath. Feel the waves and enjoy them. Feel their rhythm and breath. And concentrate on what is now. You. The waves. The board. Your muscles. Your breath. The sea. The sun. The waves. The birds. The sharks. Your breath. And sooner or later, you will completely melt with everything around. Do not judge. Just ride. Breath. Concentrate. Then everyone around will watch you and think: "This guy really knows how to ride a surfboard. Wow!" But you won't care. You will just enjoy your ride. Seemingly effortless and yet with all the concentration and mindful power you've got. Just try. It's worth it.